Long time coming…

When I first made this blog almost a year ago, I had an image of myself blogging my way through my exchange in France. But lo and behold, I’m two months away from the end of my time here and I am finally biting the bullet on writing my first post. I must admit, these past six months have been everything and nothing that I expected. It’s been a complete roller coaster ride of amazing ups but also incredibly difficult downs. From being away from family on Thanksgiving while going through an intense bout of stomach flu to adventuring around Eastern Europe alongside my sister, the past six months have truly been a journey to strengthen my independence, discover my sense of self and ignite my desire to explore the world.

However, enough of that! Let’s get into what I have been up to in terms of travels the past six months! I’ve been lucky enough to travel around France and the rest of Europe throughout my time here. Thus far, I’ve visited about 10 countries and 16 cities/villages with the highlight being my Eastern Europe trip with my sister in January. Here are some quick stories about the places I’ve been to!

  • I was demolished by bed bugs in Budapest (this was the first leg of the Eastern Europe trip and I would be terrorized by the bites for nearly the entirety of the trip).

    Taken at the St Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest
  • My sister and I were misinformed by a bus station agent in Prague and got on the wrong overnight bus (thankfully this bus still went to our destination but it wasn’t quite as direct as the one we had booked)

    Taken at the St Vitus Cathedral in Prague
  • (For a more positive story) I had an absolutely unforgettable breakfast at the Duck & Waffle in London during sunrise. It was definitely a meal that I did not regret one bit! If you ever go to London, I 100% recommend going to this restaurant for a sunrise breakfast!

    The combination of the spiced maple syrup on top of the crispy duck&waffle alongside an amazing sunrise was a complete dream!

Those were some extremely brief snapshots of some of the great and not-so-great experiences of mine thus far! Definitely expect more to come as the rest of my two months here will be chock full of adventures starting with my first step into Italy this weekend! I am so excited for a weekend of pasta, pizza and gelato!

Until next time!



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